Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Yikees! Watch Out!

When travelling and exploring in Bali, always maintain a high level of security awareness!

 v  There is a high threat of terrorism throughout Indonesia and there have been reported terrorist attacks on many tourists/foreigners, in Bali. 

 v  Consumption of a local brewed alcoholic beverage, referred to as the “Arak”, has lead to methanol poisoned and has cause the death of several tourists. Therefore foreigners/tourists should be cautious while consuming beverages/meals from local restaurants.

v Few incidents that involve injuries and deaths of foreigners are the following; series of explosions in October 2005 at Kuta Square and at Jimbaran Bay on the resort island, and the October 2002 bombings.

 Places/Locations that a tourist should be ware and more cautious at all times includes; High-profile Western facilities or businesses and places frequented by foreigners. These following types of locations are considered as potential terrorist targets.

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On July 17, 2009, two bombings occurred at the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan hotels in Jakarta, resulting in death and injuries. Security forces throughout Indonesia, including Bali, are on heightened alert as a result of these incidents

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